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in 1956, the predecessor of jianghai - nanjing shipping transportation company was born, the first shipping company in nanjing from the initial difficult start to the development of beginning to take shape, after a series of historical phases: the "great leap forward" of the riots, "the cultural revolution "disruption," reform and opening-up "considerations," wave off "exercise"country retreat china association for promoting democracy "conversion ... ... the past 50 years, having small brilliant jianghai also experienced several low, and even reach the off bankruptcy, the brink of collapse; but jianghai people to "help each other, pragmatic, innovative" spirit to withstand the pressures and challenges, in extremely difficult conditions to complete the adjustment of industrial structure, from the river to the ocean, then also out of the predicament . now, standing jianghai the forefront of the 21st century, but also to seize the shipping never encountered before in the history of the great opportunities and ushered in a new round of great development, raised in the face of new sailing and began a new journey.